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    I wanted to touch base about this book, as my 8yo and I are halfway through in anticipation of a discussion with parents and children in May at my daughter’s elementary school. Everyone seems to like it, and the NYT review was also positive. But I am at a loss, as I find it really poorly done. The characters all speak in the same voice. For example, three characters independently of each other call August a “zombie.” Adults and children are speaking in the same slang. It’s got a lot of negative language I wouldn’t want to promote. And it’s just not believable or logical that two children would give up other friends full time like the two who befriend August do. I had a brother with a milder disability, and though his appearance was fine, he went through his school years with ridicule and almost no friends, just one child really came to the house that I remember until I went to college…I feel like the book doesn’t ring true and is hollow. It has nothing to do with raising my child to accept and be kind to others, especially the underdog or the person who is different. But my daughter and I have both discussed how the book is “over the top.” I find the underlying attitude to be snide toward authority as well, the jokes about the principal’s name and the principal’s letter putting down a board member’s son, an act that in reality would probably cost him his job.


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