Dorri Olds

If you need something right away, give it to the busiest person. They will get it done.

Natural-born problem solver and Type A personality.

Freelance Writer, Editor, Speaker
and Social Media Instructor


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I’m an award-winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in book anthologies, and publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, The Fix, The Forward, Tablet and more. My full-length book was just sold to Heliotrope Books and is scheduled for early next year. I’m a long-term member of American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) and frequent speaker at writing and social media events including ASJA Annual Conference, National Publicity Summit, CUNY (City University of New York), and Book Expo America. I’m also a member of Authors Guild and a BinderCon attendee.

CNN’s Dr. Drew invited me to be a guest on his show after reading one of my personal essays. I have also appeared on NY1, 7 On Your Side, and radio broadcasts. In addition to interviewing top celebs and writing movie reviews, my passions include the topics of addiction and recovery, rape and its aftermath, trauma, PTSD, women and empowerment, and I am currently working on a memoir. My life is a darkly humorous thrill ride about a shockingly misspent youth and surviving a warped adulthood.

My essay for The Times, “Defriending My Rapist,” has become required reading for a CUNY victimology class and a Mediabistro essay class. A-list celebrities I have interviewed include Steven Spielberg, Susan Sarandon, Woody Allen, Ryan Gosling, James Franco, and many more.

Specialties: Writer, Editor, Speaker, Social Media Instructor.

Many of my gigs come through referrals so making you happy is at the top of my job description. In addition to taking on freelance writing assignments, I also offer my expertise in branding, promotion, marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), ranking in Google, website analysis and all things internet.

Here is a sampling of my social media stats as of this morning (August 7, 2017):

YouTube: 103,854 views. 1,176,193 minutes watched.
Twitter: 42,700 followers (I am currently following 5,454).
Facebook: 7,083 (Friends, Followers, and Likes)
Google+: 10,701 Followers
Linkedin: 2922 Connections

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