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Social Media

Freelance writer, journalist, copy editor: Whether you need to build your social media following, market or edit your books, promote your business, strengthen your platform, or add SEO (search engine optimization) strategically to your website content, I’m here to help.

The goal is to move you up in Google searches and I teach tips and tricks for using your time most efficiently. 

I’m an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in many publications including The New York Times and several book anthologies.

Want a striking presence on the web? Let’s target your goals, your audience and map out your best options. specializes in targeted content for better SEO to help you show up in searches.

Social Media Consulting: Your online presence can take many forms using communication tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LindkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Because the options are vast, let me help you grow your business and land more clients. Our aim is to help you reach your financial goals. Social media is not going away. If you feel you don’t have time for it, that is the same as saying you don’t have time to tell people that you and your business exist. I can help. I provide keyword rich social media using my expertise with tips and tricks for many small businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. You don’t have to try to figure all of this out on your own anymore.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of designing or redesigning your website and using keyword rich content to naturally attract more traffic by securing top ranking in the major search engines. As technology changes, so will you and your business. You are up for the challenge. I will help you stand out.

Internet Marketing: Need assistance making sense of new technology? Let’s discuss web marketing, online marketing, eMarketing, search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, Web strategies, information security, backend programming and everything else that makes your eyes cross. I will advise you on your best options for driving more viewers to your website and promoting your business. I have years of experience writing and editing web content, social media campaigns, brochures, product reviews, advertising copy, newsletters, and more.

Reviews: Get your name out there. Dorri Olds is an experienced reporter. She is a journalist who writes reviews for products and services. Her writing and web design is all over the Internet in online magazines, websites and blogs.

Project Management, Branding, Company Identity and Graphic Design: I know your aim is to get ahead. I can simplify the Internet for you, help you understand social media and web design, keywords, SEO. You may be asking yourself, ‘Who has time for all this?’ The answer is, I do.

Questions? Give a shout. Email: or Call: 212-229-0439 is expert at Branding, Creating your Logo, Social Media Campaigns, Company Identity, Video, Promotional Emails, Marketing Brochures, Newsletters, Booklets, Ads and Stationery.

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